Biophysical Society 2013 Posters

  • Exploring rhodopsin-bilayer interactions via coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation, Joshua N. Horn, Ta-Chun Kao, Alan Grossfield: (pdf)
  • Retinal changes conformation during the early stages of rhodopsin activation, N. Leioatts, B. Mertz, K. Martinez-Mayorga, T. D. Romo, M. C. Pitman, S.E. Feller, A. Grossfield, M. F. Brown: (pdf)
  • Comparison of membrane interactions of acylated and non-acylated lactoferricins by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics, Denise Greathouse, Tod D. Romo, Joshua Horn, Alan Grossfield: (pdf)
  • Investigation of the mechanism of antimicrobial lipopeptides using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, Dejun Lin, Joshua N. Horn, Zhen Xia, Pengyu Ren, Alan Grossfield: (pdf)
  • The interplay of structure and dymamics in the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase, James M. Seckler, Hongyu Miao, Alan Grossfield: (pdf)
  • LOOS: A tool for making new tools for analyzing molecular simulations, Tod D. Romo, Alan Grossfield (pdf)