Biophysical Society 2012 Posters

  • Elucidating Antimicrobial Lipopeptide Action via Combined Coarse-grained and All-atom Molecular Dynamics,
    Joshua N. Horn, Jesse D. Sengillo, Alan Grossfield: pdf
  • Estimating the free energy to bind a potent antimicrobial lipopeptide to a model membrane bilayer, Dejun Lin, Joshua N. Horn, Alan Grossfield: pdf
  • Elucidating elastic network model robustness by parameterization with molecular dynamics, Nicholas Leioatts, Tod D. Romo, Alan Grossfield: pdf
  • Characterization of membrane interactions with lactoferricin peptides by both all-atom and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, solid-state NMR, and fluorescence spectroscopy, Tod D. Romo, Joshua N. Horn, Denise V. Greathouse, Alan Grossfield: pdf