Biophysical Society 2015 Posters

  • "LOOS: a tool for making new tools for analyzing molecular simulations", Tod D. Romo and Alan Grossfield, (pdf)
  • "Understanding the function of the cyclic antifungal lipopeptide fengycin using all-atom simulation", Sreyoshi Sur, Tod D. Romo and Alan Grossfield, (pdf)
  • "Dynamic ligand-protein interactions alter rhodopsin's conformational ensemble: Simulations of rhodopsin and opsin", Letty Salas-Estrada, Nicholas Leioatts, Tod D. Romo, Shairy Azmy Danial, and Alan Grossfield (pdf)
  • "Investigation of the mechanism of antimicrobial lipopeptides using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations", Dejun Lin and Alan Grossfield, (pdf)